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Quality and healthy Relationships is an expression of holiness.

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Jesus the fulfilment of the OT Jubilee. Friday’s Message in English (Deeper Study) The Tri-Sabbatical Jubilee of restoration for Mankind and the Earth fulfilled in Christ’s resurrection.I am so grateful that throughout scripture we always see God having a plan, a better plan for doing things and living, a plumbline and a measure of living by which all…

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Who Will Save?

Blogpost by Apostle André Pelser Who can save us?In Egypt, the 10 Plagues destroyed a nation to free another. God did signs and wonders to give Pharaoh a chance to repent and release the Jews to go and serve God, but he bluntly refused. There are many theories of how the plagues could have happened, like at a certain…

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Saving the local church and pastor from extinction.

When the smallest cell in the body is under attack, it brings the demise of the whole. For as long as I can remember, there has always been a tension between the local church pastor and the staff of parachurch organisations. Parachurch organisasions work outside and across denominations to engage in social welfare and&nbsp…

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How to maintain a righteous standard in evil times.

During these 2019 elections, many Christians have fought for a righteous government. Hoping that a Christian Party will have more significant support and hence greater influence on lobbying faith-based Judeo-Christian values and policies.  Although the Christian parties gained some ground, it is small in comparison with the leading secular parties.  A recent sermon of…

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Abide & walk in the Spirit – The only way to sustain life in triumph & victory.

Lord, you want to partner with us. Our prayers, Your answers. Our works, Your grace. Our possessions, Your blessing. Our obedience, Your call. Our weakness, Your strength. This is a great mystery. Please help us to make this sacred partnership more seamless and flowing, more reciprocal, intimate and natural.In the same way, Jesus could do nothing without the Father…