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Quality and healthy Relationships is an expression of holiness.

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Do we have a Biblical Mandate to pray for the Sick?

Do we have a divine mandate, command to heal the sick? Do only certain people get to be used who have these gifs of power? What is the conditions, spiritual criteria to operate in signs and wonders?ONLY BELIEVEMark 16:17 And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will…

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Following Jesus, the greatest life ever lived.

Many people know the name of Jesus, like knowing the name of one famous actor, but do they know Him? We preached Christ crucified, resurrected and ascended but equally important is His incarnation.  Principally as the model and example of our lives, we need to focus on his daily lifestyle and suffering (1 Pet 2:21) not His heavenly reign…

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❤Almal het ‘n storie!❤

❤Almal het ‘n storie!❤Daar is genade stories, lekker lag stories, seerkry stories, liefhê stories en dan ook die lekkerste hartmense stories!Ons almal se stories loop nie presies eenders nie, maar ons het almal stories,  stories van hartseer, van swaarkry, alleen wees en weer probeer!Aarde tyd, nou tyd is tydelik, en wanneer jy trauma beleef voel die nou…

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Ontdek God se hart en plan vir jou deelwees in Sy familie

Ontdek God se hart en plan vir die familieFamilie is die Wieg van die Lewe – Pous Francis’n Gelukkige familie is ons eerste verdedigingsmuur teen die bose en die duisternis van hierdie wêreld. Chantál Oosthuizen.Jy weet nie hoe baie jy ’n kerk nodig het, tot jy ’n kerk nodig kry nie. André PelserGod het van…

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7 ways how you can make you relationships more spiritual.

I believe our deepest desire for oneness and intimacy in relationships can only be met on a spiritual level. Although there is much to explore and discover on an emotional, and psychological level, the most neglected connection is a spiritual one. Our Spiritual connection is also our eternal bond, the permanency we all seek in intimate relationships.God is a…

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Holy Communion / Nagmaal

KINGDOM DYNAMICS1 Cor 11:23 Faith At the Lord’s Table, FAITH’S CONFESSION. Just as the act of water baptism outwardly declares or confesses an inward experience of salvation through the blood of the Lord Jesus, each observance of the Lord’s Table is a powerful occasion for faith’s confession. In the ordinance, the Christian confesses before…

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What to do when God feels distant

WHAT TO DO WHEN GOD FEELS DISTANTWe all regularly experience moments where God feels distant. There is a difference between sin and sins. Ultimately sin is our arrogance to break relationship and union with God, thinking we can live without Him. Sins are the things we do as a result of a broken relationship. But we have made peace…

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WALK – Holiness, poverty, and relationship-reform

Caring for the Poor, Biblical Mandate: Summery of “When helping hurts” How to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor and yourself. Steve CorbettWhat was the focus of Jesus’ Ministry? Luke 4:17–21 NKJVAnd He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written…