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Quality and healthy Relationships is an expression of holiness.

Know - People

When Love is not enough

Please read (Mat 7:15-23)We so often say we love You Lord, but do they really? It is so easy to sing along songs in church about how much we love Him, but do we obey Him? Jesus’ love for the Father was tested, when He endured the most difficult burden of our sins and death saying: “Not…

Know - People

Defining the Relationship God has with us

Relationship – a state of connectedness between peopleThe oneness of the trinity reveals the nature of fellowship, oneness, union, of how God exist. Since the beginning God made us in His own image (likeness) to have the same kind of union with His creation. (Gen 1:26) This relationship was broken by our sin, in the same way that sin…

Know - People

Worshipping God HIS way!

The way we worship in Harvester has always been one of the biggest stumbling stones for people. This is the reason why people will not join us. It is said that people feel pressured into doing something they are not comfortable with. It is the strangest thing is it not, to be offended with the worship? We are not doing…