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Eternal Perspectives – Generations

ETERNAL GENERATIONAL MULTIPLICATIONGod’s grace is always in the now. (Every day has its own trouble Mat 6:34 His mercies are new every morning Lam 3:22-23) The truth is a paradox where two opposing truths are equal in value and importance. The opposite truth to living in the now is focusing on eternity.  We are living…

Know - God

SIT – Always our First step in the Spirit

If you learn to rest more, you will see more provision, more victory, more revelation, more healing in your life! Mat 11:28 We do not know how to rest:  The world and schools has only taught us to compete, strive, contend, fight for your rights.  Jesus taught us to give up our life. (Mat 16:24-26)Peace is…

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Why persecution is a blessing, and how to endure it

Scripture indicates that believers can expect to face hardship, ridicule and oppression, from individuals and state authorities, on account of their faith. It encourages believers to remain faithful in the face of such persecution and to draw strength from the example of Jesus Christ himself.THE SOURCE OF PERSECUTIONJesus warns of the leaven of the Pharisees (Religious order) and…


Discover what makes God happy – Multiplication

We often equate faithfulness with being steadfast, consistency, being dependable, reliable, dependable, loyal, true, trustworthy, devoted, truthful. Jesus equates faithfulness with something else – multiplication. Whatever God gives to us, He expects us to multiply and present it back to Him. John BevereThe Parable of the 10 Virgins (Mat 25:1–13) does not reveal the meaning of “taking oil…

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Getting to the root of racism and pulling it out.

Truth is Balanced.  For us to truly prosper is not the absence of problems. True prosperity is determined by how your soul prospers in the midst of trials and persecution.  The Message of the Gospel contains many opposites and paradox.We see the unseen. We subdue by submitting. We win by losing. We are made grand by making ourselves little…

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Thriving in Babylon – Wisdom

Ons lewe in die era van informasie: Nog nooit was soveel inligting binne bereik van die gewone mens op straat nie, tog blyk dit dat inligting nie mense moreel beter maak nie. Net so min as die inligting op ’n sigaret pakkie jou gaan laat ophou rook, net so min gaan inligting jou ‘n beter mens maak. Wanneer jy die…

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Thriving in Babylon – Hope

Daar word gesê dat ‘n mens tot 40 dae sonder kos, 7 dae sonder water, 4 minute sonder suurstof kan leef, maar nie een sekonde sonder hoop nie.  As ons hoop verloor, word ons soos robotte wat net take verrig dag in en dag uit, sonder ʼn toekoms.  Die realiteit is dat ons hoop die afgelope tyd onder aanslag is.  Die…

Know - Self

Thriving in Babylon – Humility

Nederigheid is ‘n goddelike eienskap, want God self is die beste voorbeeld van nederigheid. (Phil 2:6-8) Hy wat in die gestalte van God was, het sy bestaan op Godgelyke wyse nie beskou as iets waaraan Hy Hom moes vasklem nie, maar Hy het Homself verneder deur die gestalte van ‘n slaaf aan te neem en aan mense gelyk…