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My Submission during the Land Expropriation… Hearings

As a pastor, a father, a community leader, a bridgebuilder, a peacemaker and social strategist I am fighting for equality, inclusion, cohesion, and the common good of all.On the deepest level, people are crying and grieving for an economic solution. However, you cannot fix the economic recession, huge inequality, and precarious poverty with one idea “expropriation without compensation”. The…


All land belongs to God.

 As a pastor, I’d say that although I recognise people’s needs, although I know about historical, deliberate displacement of families and the emotional trauma thereof, although I am able to feel, as deeply as I can, the straightforward pain of being imposed upon, and being reduced to poverty, the question of correcting all these realities can’t be…


Making a peace offering for Land Expropriation

There is a Swahili saying, “When two bulls fight, it is the grass that suffers.”Let us appease for the sins of our forefathers by cultivating the economy of this nation through Ethical Inclusive Agricultural Enterprise.Together we can make SA the Eden of the world again.[1]  The best way to irradiate inequality, unemployment and poverty is growing the…