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WALK – Holiness, poverty, and relationship-reform

Caring for the Poor, Biblical Mandate: Summery of “When helping hurts” How to alleviate poverty without hurting the poor and yourself. Steve CorbettWhat was the focus of Jesus’ Ministry? Luke 4:17–21 NKJVAnd He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where it was written…

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Overcoming the spirit of Poverty

I am greatly humbled being given this special opportunity to speak to this audience in Uganda. I am aware that true riches is the riches one finds within. Confidence, faith, hard work, passion, and determination cannot be acquired outwardly. A speaker can only point the way, give instructions, and spark enthusiasm but the work is done by the hearer and…

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Discover the well of God’s Provision within

Spencer Johnson wrote a book called “who have moved my cheese”, giving us a beautiful metaphor of mice in a maze dealing with change. Someone decides to moved the cheese, the mice either continue to go look for the cheese at the same place and eventually die, or begin the journey to look for new cheese.Since we have been…


Put back the holy in ordinary secular work

Key scripture: Mat 5:16 “may your good works glorify your father in heaven” (1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV). Do all to the Glory of GodOne of the key concepts of the Reformation was coram Deo: all of life is lived “before the face of God.” In other words, there was no separation between the sacred and the secular…

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Cultivating the Finished Work of Christ

Notes By Dr. Andre PelserNot DO, but DONE – Living from the completed work of Christ (Alan Platt)It is Finished – (David Wilkerson)The inception of our spiritual lives began the moment He said it is finished. – Mike WoodWe cannot attain righteousness without God’s inward help.Eccl 7:20Isa 64:6Mat 5:20Our righteousness is…

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Inside the mind of a procrastinator

‘Procrastination is the assassination of motivation.”Procrastination is the thief of time.’4782 Epigram On Procrastination• Saying “It is too early,” makes it too late —Japanese Proverb• Alexander the Great, being asked how he had conquered the world, replied, “By not delaying.”—Foster• We cannot do everything at once, but we can do something at once.• The best way to…


Die Tiende Vraagstuk

DIE TIENDE VRAAGSTUKDie vraag oor tiende is soos die weegskaal vraagstuk in vele mense se lewens. Ek weet ek moet ʼn sekere gewig weeg, maar ek weet ook dat daai syfer nooit ʼn realiteit op my skaal gaan word nie, so ek bly maar stil en praat nooit daaroor nie. Niemand moet ook weet wat ek weeg nie, dis uiters belangrik…


Eternal Capital, the Riches we have in Christ

It is said that the greatest need in Uganda is Capital. Their is no lack of ideas and plans in Uganda. Like ants scavenging, people are constantly seeking work and means of income. People looking for ways in which they too will become the blessed, rich, wealthy, victorious kings and queens everyone is preaching about.The truth is: God’s…